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Since 2013 I (Jacek Grekow) together with Andrzej Kozlowski we started to build kavals, musical instruments, Balkan (Bulgarian) flutes. It is a fascinating work that we like very much.

We produce kavalys from different materials: wood and plastic. Kavals are checked with a tuner.

Kaval master

Technical idea and making: Andrzej Kozłowski

Technical idea i quality control: Jacek Grekow

During building kavals we mettheir secrets - wood, materials, mouthpieces, holes, etc. dimensions. I (Jacek Grekow) personally visited the most important kaval makers in Bulgaria. I saw how they work, saw their instruments. I played on different models and have the knowledge needed to assess the quality of the instrument. I play kaval over 20 years.

There are no two identical kavals. The strength and timbre of sound of the instrument depends on many parameters - the type of wood, hole diameter, but also from some kind of magic ...

Produced by us kavals are shown on the pictures and videos below.

Instrument pices

Kavals are on sale. Plastic - 60 Euro Wood - from 200 Euro

We build also cases for kaval.


Jacek Grekow, E-mail: grekowj[at]wp.pl, tel. +48 601 831 048

Kaval D . Wood palisander, mouthpiece of bone, aluminum and plastic rings. Kaval bułgarski Kaval palisander, re Kaval D
Kaval D. Wood palisander, mouthpiece of bone, aluminum and plastic rings. Kaval bugarski Kaval Kaval
Andrzej Kozłowski- technical idea and making: Kaval

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