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On an extraordinary, ethno-jazz level!

Guitar, accordion and Bulgarian gadulka is an idea for an unconventional trio, which with its heartfelt approach to music creates an interesting set of melodies with surprising, stylistic formats. In the music of the Grekow/Peev/Tsvyatkov Trio there are a lot of folk moods, traditions of Balkan music, references to the classics, but there are also elements of jazz. Perhaps such an approach to the artistic material is the result of the musicians' artistic experience, or maybe it's just a beautiful and emotional desire to play "what's in the soul". And on an extraordinary, ethno-jazz level!

Dionizy Piątkowski (Era Jazzu,

One of the most interesting folk and folk-related albums in recent months

Drawing from Balkan music, classical and jazz, TRIO Grekow / Peev / Tsvyatkov has created a completely new sound aesthetic that is really hard to resist. "Balkan Grooves" is an excellent album for the beginning of 2023, and at the same time an album that is one of the most interesting folk and folk-related albums in recent months.

Robert Ratajczak (LongPlay recenzje)


CD Balkan grooves was among the three world music favorites of the March 2023 Mundofonías radio show. Mundofonías favorites March 2023

Jazzowy bazar Radio Kraków Rafal Zbrzeski

CD Balkan Grooves w Jazzowy Bazar - Radio Kraków - Rafal Zbrzeski, 26.01.2023


Radio Varna Kristian Nedelchev presents CD Balkan grooves

CD TRIO Grekow Peev Tsvyatkov

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